The Farmer

Nicole Thomas

Hello & Welcome to SunCatcher Farms! I’m so happy you are here and interested in local fresh food!

My name is Nicole, a first generation female farmer. My personal interests in food, rewarding work, nature and stewardship for our environment and land naturally lead me into this community of farming. Food has always been a love of mine, a place of curiosity, expression and nourishment. But it wasn’t until after two years of being a Flight Attendant that I realized I wanted to play a bigger part in making our food system more personal, sustainable, local and fresh. As a Flight Attendant I was missing the things that I felt mattered most to me, and that was access to fresh, local food, a supportive community and time in nature. I definitely was not getting this 30,000 ft in the sky, I simply needed to be grounded (hehe), not with my head in the clouds… Anyways…

I began volunteering on farms and soaking up knowledge like a sponge. Very soon along this new journey, I knew I was going to open my own farm (like the first day I volunteered 😊)  I had never felt so aligned with something and I knew it was going to be special, what an amazing feeling! 

Farm Friends & Helpers