What is a CSA, why should I become a member?

CSA Stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA has become the way for community members to buy local and seasonal produce directly from the farm! As a member you will receive either a full or half share of the farm’s vegetables, weekly or every other week. There will be 5-10 items in each box depending on the season.

Why should you become a CSA Member?

You will get the freshest produce with the highest flavor and nutritional value.

You will become exposed to new types and varieties vegetables.

You are supporting a local business and overall supporting the local economy.

You will get to see where your food comes from!

You are choosing a more sustainable way of getting your vegetables by cutting out packaging and transportation.

It’s FUN! You will be apart of this awesome community who truly cares about where their food comes from and how its grow.

What is CSAC?

A CSAC stands for Community Supported Agriculture for Charity. This is a new concept Suncatcher Farm’s is launching in 2022 and has been created with a goal to make local fresh food available for everyone.

Please see Page “CSA-Charity” for more info.

How many weeks is a full share?

A full share will get you a box of vegetables every week from May through October, 27 Weeks.

How many weeks is a Half share?

A half share will get you a box of vegetables every other week from May through October, 13 Weeks.

When and where will I get my Produce box?

There will be two locations for picking up your boxes.

Level Beer in Multnomah Village, Portland

Kenton PSU Farmers Market

King PSU Farmers Market (May only)

Does your farm have any certifications?

SunCatcher Farms is Certified Naturally Grown. You can find all the certification requirements here.

Where is Suncatcher Farms, can we visit?

SunCatcher Farms is in the back yard of a SW Portland resident. The farm is currently private to the public. Please message me if you are a member and are interested in seeing the farm, I’d love to show you!!